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AAS members receive multiple issues of the Stones & Bones newsletter throughout the year and an annual issue of the Journal of Alabama Archaeology. You can read a brief history of the journal and its current status here.   About the Journal of Alabama Archaeology.

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The Journal of Alabama Archaeology

The Journal of Alabama Archaeology* remains the primary forum for the publication of papers on the prehistoric and historic archaeology of Alabama, however papers on related topics in the Southeast are welcome. Papers from students, amateur, and professional archaeologists are solicited. Download the current guidelines for authors.

Many past issues of the Journal of Alabama Archaeology are available for purchase. Download the current price list of available issues. Send your request and your check to:

Alabama Archaeological Society
13075 Moundville Archaeological Park
Moundville, Alabama 35474

*Please note:  The Journal of Alabama Archaeology is currently several issues behind due to an unexpected and extended illness of the Journal Editor.  As of 2013, we have a new Editor and we are doing our best to get the journal back on track and up-to-date; however, for the next year or two, there may be an extended delay before new members receive a copy of the journal.  As we continue to catch up on publication, AAS members will receive copies of the journals for the subscription years for which dues were current.  We apologize for the delay. 

The Stones & Bones Newsletter

Recent issues of the Stones & Bones newsletter are available below. These PDF files are a lower resolution than the printed version in order to reduce the download time. So the downloaded version of Stones & Bones is a somewhat lower quality than the printed version members receive in the mail.

Newsletters from 2008 (Volume 50): Newsletters from 2007 (Volume 49):